Send your parcel

Cheaper and greener

  • €3.95 to send anywhere in Belgium
  • Risk-free– insured up to €500
  • Tracking available anywhere in Belgium
  • And above all 100% ecological!

It's ecological

By leveraging the daily commute of more than 5000 members, we deliver your packages without putting more lorries and vans onto the road. By making only a small detour on the way, we reduce the delivery-related CO2 emissions by up to 88%!

We offer realtime tracking

Our deliverers have a strict scanning procedure that allows us to precisely track the status of your parcels. You can track your parcels on a map anytime and see their progress all the way to their final destination.

It's all insured

Our delivery success rate is very close to 100%. But should anything happen to your parcel along the way, rest assured that it is insured up to €500. So sit back and relax! You are in good hands.

Why use Hytchers?

How does it work?

Fill in your details
Print your label
Send your parcel

Create your label

1 - Your details

2 - Receiver

3 - Select Hytchers point

Select a destination Hytchers point on the map. You can drop off your parcel at any of these points.

Selected point: none

4 - Conditions and payment

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Become a Hytcher and save money while helping the environment!

Join the community!

  • Download our free app on the App Store or Google Play, and sign up.
  • Enter your itinerary in Hytchers and we will find parcels along your way for you to collect.
  • Pick up parcels without adding more than six minutes to your journey.
  • Deliver the parcels, then carry on on your way.
  • Get credits in return.